Step-Change Defined

"Step-Change": (noun) A sudden, discontinuous change. A concept borrowed from Mathematics and Technology based on "Step-Function". (Fast change to an elevated level [game-change], as opposed to slow, incremental change.)

Step-Change Services

To-The-Point, immediately-applicable, simple, and in-depth step-change-solutions for highly-complex personal/professional issues of all landscapes, using the visions and mindsets of history's greatest thinkers.

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Platinum Sciences Cultivates Step-Change

Platinum Sciences is the foremost institute with the most direct and impactful strategies to maximize human-capital and force step-change across countries and industries using the cognitive ability behind history's greatest thinkers (termed "Holistic Vision" by Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr. and defined as "The ability to see the foundations and interconnectivity of all atmospheres").

History's greatest thinkers all have one commonality, one ability - Holistic Vision. This ability allowed them to see the interconnected foundations, universals, concepts, rules, algorithms, or whatever one calls it, of multiple landscapes and apply it to seemingly-unrelated landscapes in practical manners to solve highly-complex real-world issues. This ability is what catapulted them to the status of Game-Changers Of The World by allowing them to gaze deep, far, and wide into various realms and, thus, see connections and depths that most humans across space and time could not and will never be able to see. Whatsmore, this ability allowed them to master multiple, different fields.

Fortunately, this ability is teachable and immediately-applicable across countries and industries. Some examples of this kind of unorthodoxy and unique vision and mindset in more modern times across countries and industries are:

Psychology & Tarot

The creativity of Tarot combines complex Psychology (e.g. Thematic Apperception Test [TAT] and Rorschach Ink Blots) to reveal subconscious desires/biases and innate skills (e.g. Relationship-Building, Management, Studying...).

Holism & Subconscious

Experts conduct Discovery Sessions, asking deceptive questions based in Holism, to reveal people's subconscious imprint to draw out their innate desires on various aspects of life so to present people's true characters/callings.

Dollhouses & Details

Maximize investigative abilities by enhancing visual attention of local and federal law enforcement, medical examiners, and other investigators via the analysis of intricately-designed dollhouses (created by Francis Glessner Lee).

NASA & Van Gogh

NASA studies Van Gogh's “Starry Nights” artwork to solve one of the most complex issues of Mathematics and Physics - Turbulent Dynamics.

Ornithology & Fuel

NASA aerodynamicist Richard Whitcomb used ornithology in aerodynamics to create winglets to increase aircraft fuel.

Myrmecology & Vehicles

Experts use myrmecology (the study of ants) to help understand moving-systems so to design traffic and autonomous vehicle systems.

Arachnology & Sericulture

Arachnology (study of spiders) and Sericulture (farming of silkworm silk) are used for the toughest, most flexible, biodegradable parachutes, airbags, artificial tendons/ligaments, body armor, and more.

Visuality & Microphones

Experts at MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe use electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics to create a visual microphone that can hear sounds from afar and through soundproof glass.

Physics & Biology

Experts use Physics, Acoustics, and Biology to create various non-lethal weapons (NLW), a.k.a. less-lethal weapons (e.g. Long-Range Acoustic Devices [LRAD] and Directed-Energy Weapons [DEW]).

Ornithology & Trains

Train engineers used the beak of a Kingfisher bird to create the bullet train and solve the issue of avoiding breaking the sound barrier.

Biology & Cement

Hydro-Engineers create a biological glue for underwater cement via a biomixture that promotes coral, oysters, and barnacles growth.

Termites & Temperature

Building-Engineers use termite-mounds aerodynamics for internal temperature control systems to save millions of dollars/annum.

Einstein & Wall Street

Equations of Einstein's fluctuation-dissipation theorem (used to explain random movement in liquid or gas particles) are used to address stock market price fluctuations have also been used on Wall Street.

Abstract Art & Emergencies

Emergency Personnel study Abstract Art to describe unfamiliarity in paintings so to maximize their rapid-response visual-attention and communication.

Dreams & Inception

In the 2010 movie "Inception", Leonardo DiCaprio's team uses Dream Strategy and Root-Cause Analysis to find the simplest form of a highly-complex idea to implant into a target.

Gastronomy & Management

Executives using Molecular Gastronomy to understand, tap into, and maximize their human-capital for corporate cohesion and increase their manpower without hiring staff.

Programming & Biomimicry

Computer Programmers using Biomimicry to program concise A.I., M.L., N.L.P., and Big Data algorithms to create expansive, efficient, and cost-effective systems.

Chopper Rap Music & Swimming

Swimmers incorporating Chopper Rap music and techniques into their training regimen to maximize their endurance, distance, speed, and technique.

Fluid Dynamics & Shooting

Law Enforcement agents using Fluid Dynamics to decrease shootings after foot- and car-chases.

Horror Movies & Sales

Businesses using the concept behind Horror Movies to maximize sales and decrease acquisition costs.

Psycholinguistics & Artists

Creatives/Artists using Sound Symbolism to overcome blocks (e.g. "Writer's/Musician's/Artist's Block").

Parkour & Pain Management

Medical and Pain Science experts using Parkour/Freerunning to understand pain and fluidity so to maximize pain management.

Kiai & Speech Therapists

Speech-Language Pathologists, Speech Therapists, using the Martial Arts kiai to help patients breakthrough chronic speech impediments.

Morphic Resonance & Memory

Experts studying Morphogenic Resonance to understand where the mind rests, and how and where memories are stored and recalled.

Alligators & Cardiology

Experts study alligator hearts to understand heart electrophysiology and help minimize cardiac arrhythmias, notably atrial fibrillation, risk in humans.

Network Marketing & Infants

The Nature-created mandate for infants to ellicit touch from other humans reveals the secret to network marketing skills.

Mathematical Fractals & Corporate Cohesion

Experts use the concept behind Mathematical Fractals to overcome corporate incohesion amongst employees.

Leaves Rustling & Food Art

Avant-garde chefs create game-changing 3-Michelin-Star dishes by using the concepts of leaves rusting in the wind and molecular gastronomy.

Aeromicrobiology, Chaos Theory & Florida Crops

Studying the interconnectivity of the worldwide dust ecosystem and Chaos Theory shows how African sandstorms affect Florida crops.

General Systems Theory & Social Work

This mix created Social Systems Theory to fix family issues, abuse, community dysfunction, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other issues.

History's greatest thinkers saw that only a few foundations, concepts, algorithms, universals, or whatever noun one uses, govern every atmosphere (i.e. every simple and highly-complex issue, network, and entity); just as the universals of gravity and air affect every entity on Earth, whether they can see, feel, understand, or care about those universals or not, these few all-governing foundations, concepts, algorithms, universals also affect every atmosphere. This ability (Holistic Vision) is paramount to be at the forefront of thought and action.

Step-Change Attributes Gained Via Holistic Vision

Holistic Vision cultivates step-change by instilling attributes that create interconnected visions and mindsets so to see, understand, and devise unorthodox, interconnected solutions to all simple and highly-complex issues.


SWOT Analysis

Root-Cause Analysis




Interconnected Mindset

Psychological Strategy

Deep Contemplation

Indirect Self-Expression & Self-Analysis

Highly-Complex Problem-Solving

Multi-Dimensional Mindsets/Visions


Specificity Via

Relationships Maximization

Everyday Examples Of Step-Change Via Holistic Vision

The ability of history's greatest thinkers (Holistic Vision) forces step-change in all atmospheres of those who learn and apply it. This ability bleeds into every aspect of personal/professional life; there is no "off-button". The vision and mindset of such people guides them to see, think, and do things most who ever walk this planet can never see, think, or do - just as with history's greatest thinkers. Below are just a few examples of this ability touching everyday atmospheres.

Office Work

Secretary A creating a spreadsheet to track department projects vs. Secretary B creating an inter-departmental one for real-time data to decrease superfluous meetings and communications.


Programmer A using 100 lines of code vs. Programmer B using 5 lines of code because the latter saw things properly, holistically at the root-, universal-, fundamental-level, the foundation.


Investigator A reviewing 50 variables of a crime vs. Investigator B focusing on one variable because the latter saw things properly, holistically at the root-, universal-, fundamental-level, the foundation.

Listen to the everyday-example story of 21-year-old, science teacher, future-biochemist, and aspiring game-changer Jibreel Al Alaeli of Lebanon as he tells his journey of transformation by learning how to think like history's greatest thinkers after just a few sessions of Holistic Vision.

Collaborative Articles For Step-Change

The "Holism For Advancement" article series created by Platinum Sciences Founder Dr. HermanSJr. reveals how Holistic Vision allows one to see the interconnectivity of seemingly-unrelated atmospheres (just as history's greates thinkers saw) by showing the importance of creating a seemingly-counterintuitive blend of contrasting visions and mindsets from experts across countries, industries, and languages so to solve highly-complex societal issues and cultivate step-change. (click each article to download)

Step-Change Transcending Countries & Industries

Platinum Sciences continues to cultivate step-change for over a decade for entities across countries, industries, and languages via Holistic Vision consulting/training.

Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.
Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.
Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.



New Zealand

Vatican City


Business Analysts
Call Center Agents
Church Leaders
Holistic Health Practitioners

Human Resources Staff
Law Enforcement Agents
Media Personalities
Multi-Million Dollar Executives
Non-Profit Staff
Private Investigators
Protection Specialists

Retailer Staff
Social Activists
TEDx Judges & Speakers
Travel Agents
Underprivileged Individuals
University Staff
Voiceover Artists

Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.
Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.
Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr.
Years of Study
Fields of Study

Step-change typically demands years of research and strategy, mounds of money from costly trial-and-error, and negatively-affected mentality, but using the strategies of Platinum Sciences, which is based on the cognitive ability behind history's greatest thinkers, cultivates step-change without such debilitating costs.

Platinum Sciences Step-Change Services

(fees are value-based and on case-by-case-basis)


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly in-person/virtual consulting for simple- and highly-complex human-capital and operations issues.
  • Discovery Sessions: Discover your innate desires, your abilities in the simplest and fastest manner so to help you save thousands of dollars, years of time, and mounds of frustration by discovering your ideal business, or career, or education (degree), or partner, or self. Conducted via a one- to two-hour in-person/virtual, non-clinical, non-medical psychological session where you undergo deceptively-simple drills with Dr. Herman that reveal your inner self and aspirations.


One-time or continual online/in-person training conducted via live or prerecorded sessions full of intense, interactive, and deceptively-simple drills for individuals/groups. Sessions are customized and can be one to four hours long, and can occur over a single day, weekend, week, weeks, or months. Training includes one print or digital copy of Dr. HermanSJr.'s interactive Holistic Vision Workbook "Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day".

Holistic Vision Step-Change Workbook

The only interactive workbook that starts revealing and teaching Holistic Vision, i.e. the vision and mindset of history's greatest thinkers and their ability to see through mountains of highly-complex distracting and superficial variables down to the root-cause, the foundation of any atmosphere (e.g. issues, relationships, opportunities, and oneself) so to cultivate step-change across countries, industries, and languages. Foreword by Dr. Ruben Lambert (PsyD); 150 pages of to-the-point highly-complex principles explained simply and practically for immediate use; challenging yet not overwhelming quizzes; second of Dr. HermanSJr.'s books used as university/academy books across countries.

Dr. HermanSJr.'s interactive Holistic Vision Workbook 'Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You 
Every Day'


Start Cultivating Step-Change Now Via The Only Interactive Holistic Vision Workbook By Dr. HermanSJr.


Start Cultivating Step-Change Now Via The Only Interactive Holistic Vision Workbook By Dr. HermanSJr. Start Cultivating Step-Change Now Via The Only Interactive Holistic Vision Workbook By Dr. HermanSJr.

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